We do not need to find the true meaning of happinest...cause is already there waiting for us...: *Eu Neece*

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

*Eu Neece*

*Eu Neece*

..baby yur name is running in my mind...
..i can't stop thinking about you..
you care for me when i am down(first time in my life)
you show me the meaning of love(first time in my life)
you make my world so bright when i feel that it is getting dark(first time in my life)
..the word "i love you" is said so many times until it is stuck in my mind..
Many people just say i love you to anyone they wan,but when u
tell me u love me,i really felt it...
i feel the real feeling of love..
it's like my heart is boiling...blood is pump so fast into my brain...
i really wish to wish u good night every night be4 i sleep..
i really wish to wish u good morning every morning when i am awake..
i want to be the first person in this world,u hear from every morning..
i really want to spend every single year,days,months,hours,min's and seconds even mili seconds
when i look into your eyes,i can see myself
when i look into your eyes,i see the things you want to tell me
when we kiss,it feels like everything is right



....Thank You For Viewing....