We do not need to find the true meaning of happinest...cause is already there waiting for us...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

*Eu Neece*

*Eu Neece*

..baby yur name is running in my mind...
..i can't stop thinking about you..
you care for me when i am down(first time in my life)
you show me the meaning of love(first time in my life)
you make my world so bright when i feel that it is getting dark(first time in my life)
..the word "i love you" is said so many times until it is stuck in my mind..
Many people just say i love you to anyone they wan,but when u
tell me u love me,i really felt it...
i feel the real feeling of love..
it's like my heart is boiling...blood is pump so fast into my brain...
i really wish to wish u good night every night be4 i sleep..
i really wish to wish u good morning every morning when i am awake..
i want to be the first person in this world,u hear from every morning..
i really want to spend every single year,days,months,hours,min's and seconds even mili seconds
when i look into your eyes,i can see myself
when i look into your eyes,i see the things you want to tell me
when we kiss,it feels like everything is right


Monday, November 2, 2009

the sky is dark

if there's anything that i can make u
forget about yur pain and yur past,pls let me know.
i really wanna b there for u
and make u happy..i will always be there for u
no matter wat happen...I love you so so much...
everything will b fine soon...just give it
a little more time...
you told me to c the moon yesterday,but it was
raining outside...i felt my heart pump
more blood into my brain when i think about u...
everything i do in my life,i do c u..
seriously..i think about u every single time...
when u smile,the sun shine brighter..when u cry,the sky get

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my life!!!!

it's been a hush day for me...after class,my friend
ask me whether i could drop him
near any LRT station...i agree to
drop him near an LRT station that
i will b heading too...hmm..got into my car,
it couldn't start...i try many time,but it didn't work..
not onli my car didn't work,both of my phone also almost dry..i want to
call my darling while waiting for my friend
to pick me up...but,she didn't wan me to waste my last bar of battery..haiz..
i waited for an hour be4 my friend come..
we went some where near Taman Megah to have our dinner..
While having my dinner,my father called..
He want to go and check out the
car...So i quickly finish my meal and followed him to my college..
my dad got into the car and try to
start it....Guess wat???It amazingly start..
haiz..i also don't know wat happen...
After a hush life i had,now this...
sometimes,i just question myself...why is life so diffcult...
came back home,i wanted to call baby,but dad call 2 go out and have a drink..
haiz...but my dad rush me cause he want to go out and have supper..
.i quickly give her a call and
tell her that i'm going out to have a drink with my family..
She didn't sound happy after i told her that
i am going out with my friend for dinner and now i have to
go out with my family for supper some more.. ..
but she still agree to allow me to go out and have dinner with them..
once i came home from supper with my family,i straight call
my gf...she didn't answer the call,so i guessed that she
already fall asleep...i know tat she also had a hush day...
furthermore,she is so tired after going to ERA college...
Once she came back from that college...she have
to rush to her tuition..so i know tat she is very tired..
after awhile,she call me back..this time,she
sound even down..she say that her throat is pain...
hmmm...deep down in my heart i know that there's something..
i think she is worried about the event that
we both are going this sat...

We were suppose to go to some party that is
held by her mate...i agreed to join her..
i was suppose to drive,but my car broke down today..
so i think that she is worried about that...
so 2molo i will go and check my car to make
sure that it's fit for this sat event...
she is really sad..i know once i hear it from her sound..
(baby...don't worry..i will make sure it's ok for this sat...i'm kind of sad also cause
she fall sick cause she worry for me...)she also fall
sick cause she is worried for me...i'm sorry baby...
but there's something i wanna thank god for...
it's u baby...i love u so much WONG EU NEECE...
you are like an angel that is send from god to me..
i'm really to have u in my life..
you care for me & love me...
i really felt everything from you...
you show the true meaning of life to me..
i really love u very much...
this are some of our memories together..
it's amazing how we suit each other in every pic..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

it's been awhile...

many things happen for a reason..most of the time,it means the same..wht goes around comes around..life is difficult..i just wish it could b much easier..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


*Happy Birthday Euneece*

We had a japenesse food at the afternoon...

We went soul out at night..

kind of blur...they fellow shack his hand...haiz..

she already half drunk...hehe...very cute...

We took plenty of pic..This are jst a few ni..
Can't show u guys everything cause some of the pic
are super nice..i wanna keep it for myself..hehe..
nways..it is one of the best time i had...
I will charish this memory...it will stay in my heart 4 eva..
**I Love You Baby**

Friday, September 4, 2009

Look out point!!!

On a sunday afternoon,i went
to look out point near ampang with my gf..
didn't know that it's is so easy to go
to that place..after badminton in the morning,
i went to ampang...i onli use like 30 min to reach there..
obviously,i don't know the way there...she guide me there..
Both of us wear the same t-shirt colour( black )..
The view up there is amazing..
with cloudy cloud and some sun rays.it made the
view fantasic...i know...the view
might not b as nice as the view at night..
but,50% of something is better than
100% of nothing right...lolx....there are some of the pic
we took after up there...it was ok..
but a little dissapointed...i was expecting something
better....the place is normal,but the view is ok..
lolx...no idea wht am i trying to say either...


....Thank You For Viewing....